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Newton Mayor Ruthanne Fuller Reflects on Leadership and Public Service in Chapel Address

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Newton Mayor Ruthanne Fuller Reflects on Leadership and Public Service in Chapel Address

Newton Mayor Ruthanne Fuller P’06, P’06, P’09 spoke in the Chapel on January 14, 2022 and offered her thoughts on leadership and public service. Mayor Fuller was invited to speak by Luke Carroll ’22, a Newton resident and Belmont Hill class president, who also introduced her.

Mayor Fuller began her talk by offering some insights on leadership, which she feels is paramount at Belmont Hill. “Belmont Hill, at its core, is a school centered on imparting leadership skills,” she said. “BHS constantly creates a learning environment where leadership is on display and where the curriculum and pedagogy, your teacher-coach model, and your faculty, encourage each of you to develop and hone your leadership skills.” She explained the many ways both in the classroom and in other activities that students have the opportunity to grow their leadership skills. “I know that many of you will go on to lead organizations, I hope some of you will run for public office, and even start your own families. Don’t underestimate the leadership skills and the service to others that each of those takes.”

She then went on to talk about her work as mayor, and the wide range of responsibilities that come with the job. “Beyond that, a mayor is certainly a community organizer, a listener-in-chief, a moral compass.” She outlined the many issues facing the city of Newton, some of which are quite complex and challenging.

Mayor Fuller stressed to the boys how fortunate they are to be at a school such as Belmont Hill, with the myriad opportunities it offers. “Take your classes seriously, but take the practical lessons of life that you’re learning here at Belmont Hill even more so: acting with compassion, persisting in the face of diversity, valuing teamwork, working hard, serving others.”

Mayor Fuller was an active Belmont Hill volunteer beginning when her sons were students, serving on the board of trustees and chairing the committee on trustees. Her return to the Hill was warmly welcomed and her words of wisdom well appreciated.

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