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Grammy-Award Winning Bluegrass Legend Peter Rowan ‘61 Performs in Chapel

  • Speaker Program
Grammy-Award Winning Bluegrass Legend Peter Rowan ‘61 Performs in Chapel

On Friday, Grammy Award-winning musician Peter Rowan ‘61 returned to his alma mater before students and faculty gathered eagerly to hear him speak and perform.

With a guitar in hand, Rowan reminisced about his time at Belmont Hill, recalling the friendships he made and the encouragement he received to pursue his passion for music. Then, without much fanfare, he began to play. Mr. Rowan's performance resonated with everyone in the audience. 

Mr. Rowan is a Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame member and Grammy-award-winning singer-songwriter who has made his mark as one of the foremost influential figures in the music industry, particularly in the bluegrass, folk, and Americana genres. In a career spanning five decades, he has built a devoted international fan base, regularly touring the world, releasing streams of recordings, and working on multiple collaborative projects. 

He has left an enduring legacy on the American music scene with remarkable versatility, authenticity, and innovation. His music continues to inspire old and new generations of musicians and fans. At a special dinner the evening before his performance in Chapel, Mr. Rowan received Belmont Hill School's Distinguished Alumni Award.


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