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Focusing on the Power of Kindness, Head of School Addresses Students

Focusing on the Power of Kindness, Head of School Addresses Students

Following a long Belmont Hill tradition, Greg Schneider, Ronald M. Druker ’62 Head of School delivered a talk to the boys in chapel on the first day of classes. After greeting the boys and looking back at the events of the summer, Mr. Schneider delivered an inspiring reflection on the year ahead, with a strong emphasis on the power of kindness in our lives.

Mr. Schneider reflected on the ways kindness directed to him has had a profound impact on his life and shown him more clearly its transformative power. “Kindness is often unexpected and not required,” he explained. “It is a choice to do something for someone else with no expectation of recognition. It is a choice to avoid the easier routes of sarcasm, teasing, or chirping someone who may be having a hard time.” He stressed that respect is required as part of kindness, and noted that at Belmont Hill we work through a shared vision of working together—but that kindness is on a different level than just respect. “Kindness is not just about tolerance, acceptance, or merely a willingness to understand. Kindness is an active choice to go beyond what is expected to make a relationship, a team, or this entire school a better place.”

He closed by offering poignant words to set the stage for the year ahead. “I wish you well gentleman. Today we set a tone for our school year that will carry us through the good times and the challenging ones. So much lies before us, and I truly hope you all know how honored I feel to go on this journey with you once again.”

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