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"Clue" Provides Plenty of Mystery, Intrigue, and Laughs

"Clue" Provides Plenty of Mystery, Intrigue, and Laughs

The Middle School production of "Clue," centers around intriguing premise: In the opulent mansion of the enigmatic Mr. Boddy, an eclectic group of characters gathers for an evening of mystery and surprises, as tensions rise secrets are unveiled and a shocking murder shatters the night’s festivities. 

In a delightful performance that checked all the boxes of wonderful theater, the boys and their Winsor counterparts entertained audiences for two outstanding shows. 

Belmont Hill boys included Sebastian Colberg Reyes, Jake Ma, Andrew Agular, P.J. Nolan, Ethan Cadet-Guirand, Max Bushey, Ryan Li, Leo Nuernberg, Milo Davis, Ikem Anyanwu, Riley Marth, Alex T. Guo, Kyle Ayres. Working for the crew were Milo Davis, Ikem Anyanwu, Alex Guo, and Kyle Ayres. Mr. DiResta and Mr. Ojeni co-directed, while Ms. Bradley constructed the set. 

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