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Belmont Hill Students Recognized for Inspirational Work

For several years now, Belmont Hill students have been involved in a program in which they identify someone they have encountered in their day-to-day lives who may be in need of financial assistance.

The boys prepare short videos to explain the individual’s situation and why they would be a good candidate for assistance. Some of these students are then given a check for $1,000 ($2,000 this year, due to the pandemic) to present to their candidate, delivered in person. This year’s winners for Belmont Hill were Erick Silva ’21, Jo Dieujuste ’21, Alex Schmideck ‘21, Juan Pablo Fernandez ’21, Jack Sheehan ‘24.  Please follow the link on each name to watch a video about their project.

The money is financed from the philanthropical project VING, which is run by the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. “The students are typically nervous, and the recipients are typically confused about the whole concept and elated to learn that this student took the trouble to seek out this funding for them,” says Charlie Doar, a Belmont Hill teacher, who incorporates the VING project into his English classes. “Is there a lasting impact on these boys? I do think there is…I’m hoping that there’s an immense sense of achievement and appreciation…I also think that memory will stick with that person.”

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