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Belmont Hill Remembers 9/11 at a Special Chapel

Belmont Hill Remembers 9/11 at a Special Chapel

While the students in the audience were not born on the day the horrifying events of 9/11/2001 occurred, the School held a special Chapel in which the day that forever changed us was recalled. Mr. Schneider opened with some remarks recalling the tragedies of that day, along with some personal reflection on how 9/11 affected his family and him. 

Mr. Schneider then introduced a video that featured faculty who were at Belmont Hill that day, and they explained how the day transpired and ultimately how it demonstrated the strength of the community amidst such tragedy. The highlight of the Chapel was a performance by senior Haden Bottiglieri, who delivered a moving recitation of the 9/11-themed "The Names," penned in 2002 by the U.S. poet laureate and New Yorker, Billy Collins.

The Chapel closed with a moment of silence. 

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