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Belmont Hill Celebrates Outstanding Student Achievements at Year-End Events

Belmont Hill Celebrates Outstanding Student Achievements at Year-End Events

Congratulations to the students honored at Belmont Hill's year-end events. Prize Day, held on June 1, showcased the winners of extracurricular, athletic, merit, and academic awards. Faculty and staff were also recognized for their service milestones. Further accolades were given during Baccalaureate and Commencement. Below is the comprehensive list.


Commencement Form VI Prizes - Awarded on June 3, 2023 

Milton L. Dodge Prize is awarded annually, by vote of the faculty, to a member of the graduating class who has merited recognition for his determination and perseverance in meeting the academic challenge of the School, whose efforts have never flagged and who, by his common sense, has made a valuable contribution to Belmont Hill. 

  • Marc Butler
  • Davi Souza Ribeiro 

Margaret V. Lawless Memorial Prize is given by the family of Miss Lawless, who for 23 years served the School as receptionist/secretary, to that boy selected by the faculty who has shown exceptional sensitivity to others and concern for the quality of the School. 

  • Daniel Drucker
  • Jeremy Eaton 

George Von L. Meyer III Memorial Prize is awarded by vote of the faculty to that member of the graduating class who has evidenced outstanding interest in learning and who, by his contribution to the life of the School, has shown qualities of unselfish conduct, leadership and integrity. 

  • Michael Bobo 

Paul W. Wright Prize 
The Wright Prize is only offered at Belmont Hill for truly unusual and specific circumstances and has been awarded to individuals in rare circumstances throughout the School’s history. 

  • Connor Smirl

Prize Day - Held June 1, 2023


Willey Sextant Prize for Creative Writing

  • Jack Abbrecht
  • Jake Kornmehl 

Woodbury Public Speaking Prize

  • Fall - Nathaniel Voss 
  • Spring - Ethan Sidman 

Middle School Public Speaking Prize  

  • Winter - William Achtmeyer 
  • Spring - William Achtmeyer, Timothy Snail 

Prospector Prize

  • Samuel Flood
  • Jaiden Lee
  • Griffin Vail 

The Hill Prize

  • Benjamin Gong
  • Jaiden Lee 

Global Citizenship Award

  • Henry Hagedorn
  • James Keefe 

Hampers Lyceum Award

  • Sam Atalla, Cameron Connell, Turner Rayment, Max Wagner 

Diversity Leadership Award

  • Merhawi Ghebrelul, James Hurd, Alexander Lo, Jack Shah, Reuben Siegel 

Community Service

Edward M. Burt Community Service Award 

  • Jack Abbrecht, Rylan Dean, Peter Fiumara, Connor Goodband, Quinn Healey, Giacomo Kaplan, Christopher Milmoe, Leonardo Montoya, Daniel Moran, Eli Norden, Carver Porter, Davi Souza Ribeiro, Davin Roy, Ethan Sidman, Adrian Tan, Chase Teeson, Cord Vallis 

Max Warburg Community Service Award

  • Daniel Drucker 


Red and Blue Key Society

  • Thomas Dolan, Peyton Fox, Anthony Galvagna, Benjamin Hack, Calogero "David" LoGrasso, Daniel Markham, Mark Price, Joseph Puglielli, Declan Reilly, Davi Souza Ribeiro, Miles Sandoski, Daniel Slatkavitz, Garrett Theberge, Charles Webb 

Newell Howes Morton Award

  • Cameron Kelley 

Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Award

  • Anthony Pellagrini 

Darren D. Gallup Three Sport Athlete Award

  • Christian Brunner, Calogero "David" LoGrasso, Luca Mezzanotte, Christopher Milmoe, Davi Souza Ribeiro, Reuben Siegel 

Charles F. Kenney ‘06 Prize

  • Anthony Pellagrini 

The Independent School League Award of Excellence

  • Calogero "David" LoGrasso
  • Turner Rayment 



Vocal Music Prize

  • William Kelly
  • Calogero "David" LoGrasso 

B Flats Music Awards 

  • William Kelly, Calogero "David" LoGrasso, Leonardo Montoya, Davi Souza Ribeiro 

Ensemble Award

  • Daniel Cho, David Cho, Cameron Connell, William Kelly, William Lloyd, Davi Souza Ribeiro 

Instrumental Music Prize

  • Cameron Connell 

Middle School Drama Award

  • William Achtmeyer, Andrew Agular 

The Hayden G. Coon Drama Prize

  • William Austen
  • Thomas Cannistraro
  • Jeremy Eaton 



Angelo Togneri Art Prize

  • Rafael Rodriguez Montgomery 

Thomas Photography Prize

  • Benjamin Kuechle


Jared Waterbury Scudder Latin Prize

  • Mark Price
  • Aaron Stanger 

Maureen O’Donnell Book Award (Five Consecutive Summa Cum Laude Exams)

  • William Austen, Michael Bobo, Jason Cannistraro, David Cho, Jeremy Eaton, Turner Rayment 

Maureen O’Donnell Book Award (Four Consecutive Summa Cum Laude Exams)

  • Alexander Behn, Andrew Bittner, Luke Guleserian, Angus Harrison, Duncan Kilbride, Aidan Lee, Brian Lee, William Nolan, Frederick Pimental, Mark Price, Aaron Stanger, Kevin Weldon 


Henry S. Robinson English Prize

  • David Cho
  • Luke LoPresti

Brown Book Award 

  • Brian Lee
  • Mark Price 


Downes History Prize

  • Jason Cannistraro
  • Cooper Nelson 

Form IV History Prize

  • Henry Hagedorn, Alejandro Laidlaw 


Maxwell Mathematics Prize

  • Dane Carter 

Thomas G. Walters Mathematics Achievement Prize

  • Alexander Lo
  • Max Wagner 



Spanish Prize

  • Davin Roy 

French Prize 

  • Nathaniel Voss 

Raymund A. Kathe Prize (Asian Studies)

  • Benjamin Hack
  • Mark Price 


C. Clifford Goodband Biology Prize

  • Connor Emmert
  • Chad Sidel 

Frederick C. Richardson Chemistry Prize

  • Aaron Stanger 

Henry S. Robinson Physics Prize

  • Jeremy Eaton
  • Max Wagner 

The Paul J. Zofnass ‘65 Environmental Award

  • Trey Penna 

Rensselaer Mathematics & Science Meda

  • Alexander Behn 


Middle School  

Middle School Award of Merit - Form I

  • Paisley “Field” Boney, Savion Cineus, Jack Creedon, Tristan Dolan, Hank Greene, Brody Sayers, Norbert Unger 

Middle School Award of Merit - Form II 

  • Chase Kaufman, Hunter Lee, Isaac Novod, Leo Nuernberg, William Raymond, Hunter Steeves 

Middle School Award of Merit - Form III

  • William Achtmeyer, Rylan Dean, Boston Ezedi, William Hennigar, Mason Iandiorio, Nicholas Jones, Timothy Snail 

Gregg Citizenship Award

  • Brady Yoo 

Helena Weiser Funk Award

  • Samuel Flood
  • Babikir Saeed 


General Mark A. Milley ‘76 Prize 

  • Juan-Pablo Fernández del Castillo
  • Christopher McEvoy
  • Michael Sullivan 


Harvard Club of Boston Book Prize

  • Mark Price
  • Aaron Stanger 

Williams College Book Prize

  • Luke Travaglini
  • Luke Trevisan 

Yale Book Award

  • Jake McManus
  • James Mullowney


Panel Prize, Awarded at Baccalaureate, June 2, 2023

  • Jeremy Eaton

Cum Laude Society, Class of 2023

Jack Abbrecht
William (Jerry) Austen
Michael Bobo
Jason Cannistraro
Daniel Cho
David Cho
Jeremy Eaton
Malcom Grant
Quinn Healey
Alexander Lo
Cooper Nelson
William Nolan
Frederick Pimental
Turner Rayment
Jack Shah
Kevin Simmons
Max Wagner


Thirty-Five Years 
Jeffrey A. Fast

Thirty Years 
Jorge Montoya
Paul Sullivan
Twenty Years
Cassandra K. Bolte
Daniel S. Fiori
Amy E. Hirsch
Stewart H. Steffey

Fifteen Years  
Luke Dillon
Charles Gorman
David L. Leonardis
Timothy J. Sullivan
Ten Years  
Celine Brabo
Charles Doar
Aylin M. Flanagan
Melissa Larocque 

Five Years 
Marjorie Albin  
Matthew Conway
Glenn Harvey
Pam Parris  
Brian Phinney
Hope Rupley
Chris Zellner

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