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Epic Greek and Roman Field Day for Class of 2028

  • Middle School
Epic Greek and Roman Field Day for Class of 2028

Form I headed to the athletic fields on May 16, 2023 for the annual Greek and Roman Field Day. Students are grouped according to their history class, with this year's teams led by Messrs. Bracken, Bradley, Holland, and Phinney. Thank you to Mrs. Phinney for filling in for Mr. Holland. Congratulations to Mr. Bradley's team on their win.  

Greek and Roman Field Day is a Form I rite of passage, with winning teams holding bragging rights throughout their six years on Hill. The boys engage in a full day of events that include student orations, judging of the quality of their chariots, and traditional events including the 200-meter run, and an "armored" relay, in which students run and hand off backpacks filled with Latin books to teammates. There are skits and quizzes, the egg toss and Frisbee toss, leading to the chariot race and tug-of-war. It is a day of great fun and lasting memories.



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