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Alison Crowther, Mother of 9/11 Hero Welles Crowther, Discusses Her Son's Legacy in Poignant Chapel

  • Speaker Program

Alison Crowther, whose late son Welles's heroic actions on 9/11 saved many lives, spoke in Chapel this morning to discuss her son's legacy and the many life lessons that can be learned from his story. Welles's life is chronicled in the book "The Red Bandanna" by Tom Rinaldi, which all students read during the summer.

Mrs. Crowther urged the boys to consider the qualities that Welles embodied and see the importance of those qualities in living a good life: compassion, caring for others, kindness. "You all have the privilege of being well educated, with teachers and parents that are devoted to giving you the best education and the best opportunity. Embrace that privilege. Embrace the gift of life that you have, because you're in a very special place." 

You can enjoy Mrs. Crowther's remarkable speech in the video below.


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