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Academic Achievements and Cum Laude Awards Celebrated

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Academic Achievements and Cum Laude Awards Celebrated

On October 7, 2022 Belmont Hill was honored to host Molly King, Greenwich Academy head of school, as its Cum Laude guest speaker. Mr. Schneider began by saying, “this is when we pause as a community to celebrate the primary importance of academic excellence within the culture of Belmont Hill. This fall we have spoken a great deal about the power of culture, and one critical aspect of that is the celebration of academic excellence and the work ethic associated with intellectual exploration.”

In her address, Mrs. King shared the impact that Bowdoin professor Dr. John Walter had on her as a student, inspiring her love of learning and ultimately informing her role as an educator and leader. “He pushed us to not only be better students, but to be better people,” she said. 

“What inspires excellence in students?” she asked. “Great teachers who recognize your potential, often before you do, and push you to realize it. Make it your goal to find that teacher that inspires you.” 


Cum Laude honor society
Michael Bobo, David Cho, Jeremy Eaton, Alexander Lo, Cooper Nelson, William Nolan, Turner Rayment, Jack Shah, and Max Wagner. 

Middle School Achievement Award
This award recognizes students for maintaining the highest standards of academic integrity and having evidenced a genuine enthusiasm and devotion to learning, while producing an exceptional level of achievement during their days in the Middle School. This year’s Form IV recipients are: Jack Barrett, Leighton Calhoun, George Carroll, Alejandro Laidlaw, Ezra Lee, Adam Shaff, Kaidan Sheehan, Cooper Tarliem, Gabriel Umlas, and Emerson Walker.

Donato Monaco American History Prize 
Cooper Nelson ‘23 was awarded the honor for his essay, entitled: The Plane That Almost Ate Seattle: The Motivations Behind America's Failed Supersonic Transport Program.


AP Scholars: 3 or Higher on 3 or More Exams

Form VI
Brennan Barlage
Christopher Brusie
Forrest Campbell
Cameron Carey
Cameron Connell
Daniel Drucker
Jeremy Eaton
Sean Egan
Nolan Henehan
James Hurd 
Leonardo Montoya 
Frederick Pimental 
Henry Schmidek
Reuben Siegel 
Form V
Andrew Bittner 
Samuel Davis
Anthony Galvagna
Brian Lee 
Jackson Pagan
Daniel Xie

AP Scholar with Honor: 3.25 on All Exams or Scores of 3 or Higher on 4 or More Exams
Form VI
Jason Cannistraro
James Dyer
Malcolm Grant
Luca Mezzanotte
Trey Penna
Kevin Simmons

AP Scholar with Distinction: Average Score of 3.5 on All exams or 3 or Higher on 5 or More Exams

Form VI
Jack Abbrecht
William Austen
Michael Bobo 
Daniel Cho
David Cho
Quinn Healey
Alexander Lo 
Cooper Nelson 
William Nolan 
Turner Rayment
Jack Shah 
Max Wagner 

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