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Estate Giving

The R. Heber Howe Society

Dr. R. Heber Howe, the founding Headmaster of Belmont Hill School, provided a legacy of thoughtful education for boys. He shaped the School and laid a cornerstone for its future.

In 1995, the Board of Trustees established the R. Heber Howe Society to thank and honor those individuals who have engaged in the School’s future by including a provision in their estate plan, bequest life-income arrangement, or other charitable trust to benefit Belmont Hill. Today, the School is proud to have more than 100 members in the R. Heber Howe Society and a growing tradition of legacy gifts.

To join the R. Heber Howe Society, simply let us know your gift-planning ideas regarding Belmont Hill. We would be delighted to include you in our growing membership roster. Please contact Jay Fritz ’91, Director of Major and Planned Gifts, at 617-993-5204 or, to let us know of your existing plan or to receive additional information. We also encourage you to consult your tax and legal advisors on choosing the planned vehicle that is most appropriate for you. 

Ways to Join

A bequest is a gift made through a provision in a donor's will of “living” trust and is a simple low-cost way to make a planned gift to Belmont Hill with the assistance of an attorney. Sample language:

“I give {(____ dollars) or (____ percent of the residue of my estate)} to Belmont Hill School Inc., a Massachusetts educational, charitable corporation, for the benefit of Belmont Hill School.”

Retirement Assets
Making a planned gift to Belmont Hill School from a traditional IRA or a 401(k)/403(b) retirement plan is simple.

  • Naming Belmont Hill School as the beneficiary merely requires a beneficiary designation form: There is no need to amend your will or trust

Charitable Lead Trust
Supporting Belmont Hill through a charitable lead trust is a way to provide interest to the School for a term of years – with the principle eventually going to members of the family or other beneficiaries.

  • A financial advisor or estate counsel can work with you to establish a lead trust, which can provide significant tax benefits. 

Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable remainder trust is a separately administered trust providing income to the donor and/or other named beneficiaries either for life or a period of years, whereupon the remaining trust assets are distributed to the School.

  • A financial advisor or estate counsel can work closely with you to up charitable remainder trust and tax savings can be significant.


In addition to the various tax benefits available under current law, members of the R. Heber Howe Society enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that, through their generosity, Belmont Hill School will be preserved for generations to come. Your membership also will serve as a source of inspiration for others who might consider joining this Society. We recognize the foresight of these very thoughtful donors through membership in the R. Heber Howe Society and acknowledge them in the Annual Report. We also are honored to invite members to the yearly Head’s Reception at the School.


“To seek excellence and integrity in yourself and others; to foster perspective and a sense of humor in yourself and others; to try to be a positive force for a better force – surely these are aspirations of Belmont Hill School. The support of these aspirations calls upon the loyalties of each of its alumni and friends.”

−John A. Pike ’49
Chair, R. Heber Howe Society

“You left behind a panel and attached your name to it. This is a chance to attach your name to something that made you who you are.”
− Art Norton ’60