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Community & Diversity

The Office of Community and Diversity at Belmont Hill provides a deep sense of belonging by supporting the School's mission of developing young men of character. The Diversity Action Plan calls for a comprehensive approach to this work and touches every constituent in our community in some way. We seek to notice, support, and leverage the enriching forms of difference in our community while also emphasizing all that binds us. The School's foundational idea of Working Together articulates our focus on collaboration and conversation among everyone. Finally, Belmont Hill offers a unique opportunity to do this work specifically within the context of a boys school. As is the case in many areas of learning within a boys school, we have a unique environment in which one can explore new ideas and grow.

Our motto of “Working Together,” is meaningful only if every boy on this campus feels a genuine sense of belonging: that he is loved, cared for, cherished. In order to fulfill our mission of developing men of good character, we must foster an environment in which empathy, compassion, and understanding thrive so that all voices are welcomed, listened to, and respected. We must be willing to walk in our brother’s shoes. This is how we best learn and grow here on the Hill.

-Caleb Collins '93 
Director of Community and Diversity
"At Belmont Hill, work in diversity is spurred by a relentless commitment to making sure all community members experience a deep sense of belonging at our school. While unified by a commitment to excellence, we seek to be a community that sees and leverages the strength flowing from difference. In recent years, the combination of our AIM diversity audit and the Board approved Diversity Action Plan have set forth an ambitious path of growth and improvement in this area moving forward. In addition to the moral imperative for this work, we know that capacities for cultural empathy and understanding will be essential for all of our boys to be successful in the world of Higher Education and a truly global economy. It is our hope that Belmont Hill boys will be the leaders in dialogue that will help bridge so many divides that continue to challenge our nation and the world."

-Gregory J. Schneider
Ronald M. Druker '62 Head of School

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Community & Diversity on Campus

Our focus on community and our dedication to diversity are clear. Our students, parents, faculty, staff, and alumni are encouraged to share their voices, experiences, and ideas as openly and authentically as possible. This encouragement helps our boys develop a sense of confidence and integrity that makes them active participants in their dynamic worlds.

Below are descriptions of programs and groups offered within the Belmont Hill Community:

Multicultural Alumni Partnership Speaker Program

Founded in the fall of 2008, Belmont Hill’s Multicultural Alumni Partnership (MAP) strengthens relations among all of Belmont Hill’s alumni to enhance the diversity, openness and climate of the greater school community.  MAP realizes these objectives through targeted programs, networking events and community outreach, all in collaboration with past and present students, parents, faculty, staff and trustees. 

Multicultural Alumni Partnership

MAP Speaker Series - Alumni in Medicine

February 3, 2023 - Hamilton Chapel School Meeting
Dr. Alby Coombs '03
Dr. Corey Gatewood '07
Dewey Jarvis '13 - MD Candidate
Imari Paris Jeffries
Kenya Barris

Community & Diversity Office

Caleb Collins

Caleb Collins

Class of 1993

Mr. Collins is an alumnus of Belmont Hill (Class of '93) and has been teaching at the school since 2002. He teaches Geometry and Pre-Calculus. In addition, he is the director of Community and Diversity. Mr. Collins is a coach of the Third Basketball and Third Football teams.

Anna McDonald

Anna McDonald

Mrs. McDonald joined the Belmont Hill faculty in 2019. She teaches English III and English IV. She also advises Form III and coaches fourth soccer. Previously, Mrs. McDonald taught in the English Department at Dexter Southfield, where she also served as the department chair, the Community Service Coordinator, an advisor, and soccer coach. Mrs. McDonald holds an M.A. in English from the Breadloaf School of English and a B.A. from Middlebury College.

Christopher Zellner

Christopher Zellner

Mr. Zellner joined the Belmont Hill faculty in 2018. He teaches English 2, American Literature, African American Literature, and African American Studies. Mr. Zellner also advises Form II and coaches third football and JV lacrosse. Previously, Mr. Zellner taught in the English Department of Bedford High School where he also served as an advisor for the Black Student Association, the Social Justice Working Group, the Global Committee, among others. In his time at Bedford, he also served as an assistant varsity football coach and the head coach of the JV lacrosse team. Mr. Zellner holds a M.A. in Teaching English from Tufts University and a B.F.A. in writing, literature, and publishing from Emerson College.

Belmont Hill School

Principles of Inclusive Teaching Practices 

  • Our relationships with our boys form the foundation of the Belmont Hill experience.  
  • We craft multiple pathways for students to engage in and participate in their coursework, and we strive to foster a classroom culture that values each member’s contributions. 
  • We seek to engage students in open dialogue and challenging conversations, acknowledging each member’s potential barriers to engagement. 
  • We respond productively to and learn from moments that run counter to the school’s inclusivity standards.  
  • We set clear expectations for all students. Recognizing that every student is different, we strive to help each work to his fullest potential. 
  • We reflect on, share, and challenge our own perspectives, biases, and gaps in understanding to improve our craft, and we recognize the role that self-awareness plays in fostering an equitable and inclusive school environment. 
  • We model and promote the importance of curiosity and  life-long learning.
  • We work to ensure that our students see themselves valued in our curriculum and our community. 

As a school, we invest fully in achieving the goals of this aspirational statement on inclusive teaching practices to foster student achievement and develop young men of good character.

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Community & Diversity

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