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An Independent School for Boys Grades 7 - 12

Belmont Hill School
  • Always Character
  • Always Together
  • Working Together

Points of Distinction



464 total students from 87 communities


teams compete in 16 interscholastic sports


of students self-identify as people of color (for the 2022-2023 academic year)


27% of students receive $5.9 million in need-based financial aid: average grant is $41,541


AP Exams taken


student-teacher ratio (average class size:12)


theater productions and musical performances each year


of faculty involved in coaching or leading other extracurricular activities

Founded in 1923, Belmont Hill School educates boys in mind, body, and spirit to develop men of good character. Our community encourages and challenges students to discover and pursue passions, seek excellence, and face adversity with resilience. 

Belmont Hill Traditions

Many cherished traditions on campus help define the Belmont Hill experience. Learn more about some of the ways in which boys engage, have fun, and grow at our school.

Chariot Race during Greek and Roman Field Day


We are far more than a boys’ school; we are a school for boys.

So many elements form together to comprise the Belmont Hill experience. Follow these profile quotes from administrators, faculty, and a parent and an alumnus and see what makes this campus thrive!

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Lauren Hamilton

Lauren Hamilton

Dean of Teaching and Learning

"As a boys school, we make the intentional choice to teach the whole boy: mind, body, and spirit. Teachers, coaches, and advisors craft lesson plans that celebrate all that it means to be a boy, creating a learning environment that promotes healthy competition, collaborative problem solving and discourse, and fosters moral decision-making and the development of genuine relationships. We want our students...

A School for Boys

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Steve Carr '93

Director of Admission and Enrollment

"The Belmont Hill Admission team is a committed group of positive professionals with a mission to attract, admit, and enroll the best boys from the local area. Collectively, we seek to create a warm and inclusive process focused on connecting closely with each boy and family from the first point of contact. We actively work to break down the barriers of access and dedicate the majority of our resources towards opening the transformational opportunity of a Belmont Hill education to boys and families that may not know much about this great school community. At every stage in our process, we seek to identify dynamic, well-rounded students of character with academic potential, a variety of interests and passions, and a keen interest in being part of the Belmont Hill brotherhood."


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Corey Cofield

Director of Residential Life

"As a dorm parent and director of the boarding program, I have cherished the opportunity to build strong bonds with the boys in the dorms.  While we enjoy our lighthearted and fun times, the dorm parents are always available to the boys at any time to listen, advise, and assist in any way. These are special relationships that help the boys to adjust to the dorm environment and feel at home."

Boarding at Belmont Hill

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Steve Kaplan '83

Arts Faculty Member

“Belmont Hill offers a robust selection of opportunities in the arts for boys with a wide variety of skills and interests. Five productions a year allow Middle and Upper School students to experience the joys of theater, working with girls from Winsor and Dana Hall. The Prenatt Music Center hosts dynamic musical performing groups featuring jazz, classical, and rock ensembles and vibrant choruses that perform regularly. Our vibrant visual arts program introduces Form I students to a range of projects and mediums while the high school courses offer students a more intensive experience in a particular medium. Developing skills and exposing students to a range of techniques works in tandem with helping students develop an individual style or voice."

Arts at Belmont Hill

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Caleb Collins '93

Director of Community and Diversity

"Our motto of “Working Together,” is meaningful only if every boy on this campus feels a genuine sense of belonging: that he is loved, cared for, cherished. In order to fulfill our mission of developing men of good character, we must foster an environment in which empathy, compassion, and understanding thrive so that all voices are welcomed, listened to, and respected. We must be willing to walk in our brother’s shoes. This is how we best learn and grow here on the Hill."

Community and Diversity

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Jeanne Tift

Chair, English Department

"Gathering around the Harkness table feels similar to a family sitting down to dinner. Even if the members of the group already know each other well, something magical happens when we enter that designated communal spot. Nourishing and intriguing ideas stimulate our intellectual palates, and a sort of sacred space opens up in the middle of all the faces trained on one another. A lack of corners, given the table’s oval shape, means that each person—students and teacher alike—possesses an equal opportunity to listen, contemplate, and share. We leave feeling fuller, more expansive, and best of all, more connected to each other."

Harkness Table

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Greg Schneider

Ronald M. Druker '62 Head of School

“Out of the many reasons I was excited to join the Belmont Hill community, our mission focused on character inspired me in a unique way. Character is a timeless and evolving concept at Belmont Hill that ultimately needs to be forged from within rather than merely enforced by others. Adult modelling, service initiatives, DEI work, athletics, arts, chapels--all of our programming comes back to this central idea: Who you are as a person matters more than what you have achieved at Belmont Hill and in life. Challenge, failure, accountability, support, and collaboration all drive towards the School’s fundamental cultural idea of Working Together.”


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George Tahan

Director of Athletics

“Belmont Hill continues to offer an athletic program marked by great breadth and depth. We offer 16 sports through three seasons, the most of all our peer schools. We offer as many as 58 teams during the year. There are opportunities available for any boy’s ability and interest level. Our history of athletic excellence speaks for itself. The teacher-coach model, our first-rate facilities, and the time allotted for athletics all make for a very enriching and enjoyable experience for our boys.”


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Will Forde '05

Belmont Hill Trustee

"Maybe the most remarkable part of a place like Belmont Hill is the bonds that you form throughout your time there. It’s special to think about the friends I made on my first day in 7th grade and how many are still important parts of my life today. These connections are not specific to me, but a common thread that connects Belmont Hill alumni throughout the years. I also look back on the School’s focus on character and I’m thankful that in my formative years an emphasis was placed on—what I now know—is such a significant quality to have in today’s world."


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Dave Leonardis

English Department Faculty

"Being a teacher and a coach allows me the opportunity to be my best self every day, and it gives me the chance to encourage kids to be their best selves in all the different arenas they enter. I get to exercise my mind, body, and spirit and to motivate kids to develop a fuller identity."

Teacher-Coach Model

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Amy Madden

Parent '20, '22, Belmont Hill Trustee

"Belmont Hill has done so much for each of our two boys. It was a great fit for two different boys. Different students, different athletes, different personalities, different strengths and weaknesses, but Belmont Hill gave each the opportunity to grow, explore, fail, and succeed. As parents at Belmont Hill, we felt welcomed into our boy’s Form parent community through events such as the potlucks, coffees, athletic games, or Parent Council events. Additionally, parent reps for each Form planned events to get to know other parents. By the end of senior year, we, too, felt like we had made some strong relationships in the community."



Speaker Program

Belmont Hill is so fortunate to be able to offer our boys a wide array of distinguished speakers in our historic Hamilton Chapel. Through the years, our Head of School, alumni, and faculty—as well as an impressive list of guest speakers—have presented on a broad range of topics. 

October 2023 

Devin McCourty 

Devin McCourty is a retired NFL player who was a safety for 13 seasons with the New England Patriots. Mr. McCourty and his twin brother, Jason, are tireless advocates for sickle cell disease awareness.

April 2024 

David Wallace-Wells 

David Wallace-Wells is currently a columnist and staff writer at The New York Times, where he writes a weekly newsletter on climate change, technology and the future of the planet. He will be this year's Earth Day speaker.

In the News

Boys are challenged, known, and celebrated here.

So much is happening on our campus each and every day as the boys are engaged in a variety of activities. Our social media feeds provide an insightful and fun way to keep up with daily life on the Hill.

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