Counseling Services

The Counseling Team

The Counseling Team at Belmont Hill monitors the emotional health of boys at the School, offering understanding and professional support. Boys can face a range of issues including anxiety, depression, academic frustration, painful family situations, friendship or romantic complications. The School works to identify boys who are struggling academically or emotionally, and directs them to professional counseling at or outside of Belmont Hill. 

The Health Team

The Health Team aims to gather information from advisors, teachers, and coaches about the emotional well being of boys and creates a treatment plan to support the student. The Health Team is composed of the Counseling Department, the Upper School Director, the Middle School Director, the school’s nurse, and the director of the Office of Academic Support.

The Counseling Department Staff

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      June Schmunk

      The director of the Counseling Department at Belmont Hill is June Schmunk, M.A. a licensed mental health counselor with over twenty-five years of experience in working with adolescents in independent school settings. Her work covers a range of areas.

    • 'Ms.
      Michael Thompson

      Ms. Schmunk is aided by Michael Thompson, Ph.D., the consulting psychologist, who is at the school one day a week. Dr. Thompson is the author of eight books, including three books about boys. His book "Raising Cain" was a national best seller. He is an internationally recognized expert on the inner lives of boys.

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      Dr. Giuseppe "Bepi" J. Raviola '90

      Giuseppe “Bepi” Raviola, M.D., is Belmont Hill’s consulting psychiatrist, Director of Mental Health at Partners, and a member of the faculty at Boston Children’s Hospital and the Harvard Medical School Department of Psychiatry. He comes to campus twice a month but is always available in case of emergencies.

Counseling Department Programs

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  • Individual Counseling

    Ms. Schmunk leads a number of counseling group meetings for boys, which help boys to open up about their life situations.
  • "Questioning" Group

    For students who are gay, bi-sexual, or just questioning their sexuality. This is an extremely confidential group that meets when needed. This group evolved several years ago to support students who might what to talk to other boys who are gay, bi-sexual, or questioning their sexuality.
  • Family Group

    Ms. Schmunk and Dr. Thompson lead a weekly Family Group, composed of boys whose parents are divorced or estranged.
  • Grief Counseling

    A loss group for boys who have suffered the deaths of grandparents, parents, or friends.
  • Other Work

    The department also helps boys returning from programs abroad to transition back into the BHS community, and plays a role in supporting boys who are new to the Belmont Hill Community.
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