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  • Information on Class and Workshop Fees

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Summer Programs

Summer School


Welcome to Belmont Hill’s Summer School. For more than 34 years we have opened our doors to offer one of the best academic and enrichment programs available to challenge the mind, reward the spirit, and provide an opportunity for fun whenever possible.

Our program is unique in many ways so students and families can tailor it to fit the needs of the individual. While many students come to further their development in Math, Science or English, many others come to try new things or broaden their experience in Art, Technology or Languages.

Our comprehensive six-week classes (Credit or Intensive) offer a challenging and thorough academic experience to prepare students for advanced level work in the following school year while our three-week Workshops provide an in-depth opportunity to engage in an area of interest or passion.

This year we opened a new Innovation Lab with an emphasis on engineering and robotics, and we now offer an entire menu of targeted “Topics in …” to allow even greater flexibility in building a schedule. Our dedicated and experienced teachers provide a relaxed learning environment yet hold students to a high standard and encourage work in pursuit of excellence. With a tradition of excellence in education, I am certain that we have something special to offer each and every student.

Six-Week Academic Courses

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  • Six-Week Option

    The relaxed pace of the season makes summer the perfect time for students to explore one or more subjects in depth, improve academic and study skills, deepen understanding of a topic, and strengthen areas that need bolstering. The Summer School offers a wide range of academic programs for credit, for enrichment, or just for fun to students in grades 6 through 12. Follow this link for detailed course descriptions.

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Three-Week Academic Workshops

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  • Three-Week Option

    Our three-week courses are designed to allow students to work within specific areas in a concentrated session. The test preparation courses will cover the same material as the six-week course, while the math and English workshops will give students the chance to improve skills and better prepare for the next academic year. Follow this link for detailed course descriptions.
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Summer Arts Programs

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  • Arts Programs

    Belmont Hill Summer Arts Program is a comprehensive arts program that allows students in grades 6 through 12 to explore visual arts. Art workshops are offered in two three-week sessions. All courses are taught by artists and teachers who offer students the opportunity to discover their individual talents and develop skills. The art courses are suited for both the beginner and experienced artist. On the last day of each three-week session, parents are invited to an Arts Festival, an occasion that showcases the students' artwork.

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Summer Activities Program

We welcome any boy or girl entering grades 6-12, whether experienced or new to the game. Our tennis program is tailored to all ages and skill levels with the goal of improving fundamentals and level of play. 
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Belmont Hill is a community dedicated to developing boys in mind, body, spirit. In a school that challenges and supports students in and beyond the class-room, we strive for excellence, honoring clear thinking and creativity, competition and teamwork, and tradition and vision.